Physician's Weekly Podcast

Anticipated Medical Innovations for 2023

January 04, 2023 Physician's Weekly Season 3 Episode 74
Physician's Weekly Podcast
Anticipated Medical Innovations for 2023
Show Notes

As 2023 is upon us, we are probably being realistic to expect continued inflation, a choppy economy, COVID-19 disruptions in healthcare, and on-going supply chain disruptions continuing into the year. Some leaders in healthcare systems are even predicting an “exceptionally turbulent 2023.”1 While inflation appears to be stabilizing, the higher cost of consumer goods is making it difficult for some people to pay for medical services, therapies, and devices. As a result, healthcare consumers might put off buying prescriptions or medical devices that can help them treat or monitor a condition. 

On the flip side, but much harder to predict, there will be a number of significant medical advances, many of which will be incremental improvements, and a few of which will be major breakthroughs. PW Podcast host Rachel Giles, MD, and PW editorial board member Alex McDonald, MD, discuss the trends to watch this year, from wearables and patient engagement to next-generation therapies and vaccines.

Happy New Year!


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