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inDEPTH: The LDL-C Revolution

November 16, 2022 Physician's Weekly Season 2 Episode 69
Physician's Weekly Podcast
inDEPTH: The LDL-C Revolution
Show Notes

We are entering holiday season, and as a recent study published in the journal Atherosclerosis recently showed, celebrating the winter holidays is associated with up to 20% higher levels of total and LDL cholesterol, as well as up to a 15% higher risk for hypercholesterolemia in the general population. Although the holiday season is not a great time for a diagnosis of hypercholesterolemia, it is a great time to start talking about some of the revolutionary new methods to treat hyperlipidemia.

To take up that challenge, we take an in-depth look at two new studies just reported at the American Heart Association (AHA) Scientific Sessions 2022, held in Chicago, Nov 5-7. Statins are first-line agents for reducing LDL cholesterol (LDL-C) and the risk of major cardiovascular events. In addition, biotechnological advancements in medication therapy have led to the development of inclisiran, a recently approved twice-yearly injectable agent to help patients with heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia and clinical cardiovascular disease on a maximally tolerated statin to reach LDL-C targets. Inclisiran has demonstrated robust LDL-C reduction in clinical trials in combination with a favorable safety profile; however, the effect on cardiovascular clinical outcomes still remains under evaluation. First, Professor Kausik “Kosh” Ray (Imperial College London, UK, and President European Atherosclerosis Society) talks about the ORION-3 trial. Then, Professor Jeff Anderson (Intermountain Heart Institute, Utah) discusses the VICTORION-INCEPTION Trial.

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Additional reading
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Anderson J, et al. A Randomized Study to Compare LDL-C-Lowering Effects of Inclisiran With Usual Care vs Usual Care Alone in Patients With Recent Hospitalization for an Acute Coronary Syndrome: Rationale and Design of the VICTORION-INCEPTION Trial. Presented at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions, Nov 5-7th, 2022, Abstract 10851.

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