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Heart Defects & Fish, Should Docs Apologize?

October 19, 2022 Physician's Weekly Season 2 Episode 64
Physician's Weekly Podcast
Heart Defects & Fish, Should Docs Apologize?
Show Notes

This episode, we have two really interesting and very different interviews. Physician’s Weekly speaks with our regular contributor, a registered physician and medical malpractice attorney, who goes by the alias Dr. MedLaw. We explore when and how it is appropriate for physicians to apologize… or not. 

But first, Princeton University Professor Rebecca Burdine, PhD, speaks about the value of modelling rare diseases. Dr. Burdine uses small zebrafish for her studies, and you would be amazed at how well these small fish can model diseases, and even be used in diagnostics. Dr. Burdine is also a caregiver to her daughter, who has the rare disease Angelman Syndrome, which Dr. Burdine just happens to study. She provides excellent insights into the value of studying rare diseases. 

Enjoy listening!

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