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Tools to Keep Control of Your Practice: An inDEPTH Look

May 11, 2022 Physician's Weekly
Physician's Weekly Podcast
Tools to Keep Control of Your Practice: An inDEPTH Look
Show Notes

 Welcome to this episode of Physician’s Weekly podcast. Today we are going to talk about tools that help primary physician’s stay in control.

I am this podcast’s host, Dr. Rachel Giles, from Medicom Medical Publishers in collaboration with Physician’s WeeklyPhysician’s Weekly is trying out a new editorial initiative, inDEPTH; DEPTH is an acronym for Diverse, Evidence-based Perspectives in Today’s Healthcare. Instead of a traditional point/counterpoint format in which two opposing sides of a given issue present their case, inDEPTH views the same issues through different lenses, allowing for diverse, reasonable, evidence-based conclusions to coexist. These sourced viewpoints both create visibility into how different colleagues interpret and address key issues, as well as serve to expand clinicians’ frame of reference—all to achieve better patient care and enhance physicians’ day-to-day practice of medicine. 

For decades, doctors have been able to monitor a patient’s healthcare progress through electronic medical records. Ironically, there was no way to measure the physicians who were caring for them or what happens to patients outside the exam room.

Today’s episode features 2 interviews from family practitioners who use a new technology in their practices to tackle this problem, called Physician Insights, which was created by Agilon Health and adopted by more than 14 primary care practices across the USA. The Physician’s Insight tool uses artificial intelligence and other technology tools to measure how efficiently and effectively a physician is meeting quality patient care standards. 

Here to tell us more about how they use the Physician Insights tool and how it helps their practices are Dr. Kristin Oaks, family physician at Central Ohio Primary Care in Columbus, OH, and Dr. Lou Civitarese, family physician at Preferred Primary Care Physicians in Pittsburgh, PA. 

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